This website is dedicated to listing some of the best accommodations in Kalymnos island – undoubtly climbers’ paradise and  (what we believe) probably the best rock climbing destination in the world.

Our mission is to serve both climbers from all around the world and the local community in Kalymnos. We give property owners an option to display their accommodation online for free, while climbers can browse and choose the best match for their needs. The contact is always made directly with accommodation owners and we don’t charge anyone anything for it.

Since we’re focused on climbers’ needs, we list only those places that we think are most suitable for you in terms of quick and easy access to most climbing crags, but also allow you to get “true Greek experience” of peace and tranquility provided by the locals. That’s why all the places listed here are located on the west coast of the island, mainly in Myrties, Masouri and Armeos villages. This is also where there are a lot of shops and restaurants, and the climbers’ social life buzzes in the evenings, letting you feel that great climbing community spirit.

We hope that this website will be of great help to plan your holidays, and we wish you to fall in love with Kalymnos!